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Fix For MacOSX Lion

If you upgraded to Lion with Xcode 4.1, you may find youself fail to build any perls with perlbrew. This is because that the newly released /usr/bin/nm does not work with the perl building system. Luckly, this issues has already been solved in perl-blead, and BINGOS quickly made a new release of Devel::PatchPerl for us.

To fix this isusse before the next perlbrew release, grab this patchperl standalone executable, put it in your $PERLBREW_ROOT/bin and chmod +x it:

That's something like this:

export PERLBREW_ROOT=${HOME}/perl5/perlbrew
curl -k -L -o $PERLBREW_ROOT/bin/patchperl
chmod +x $_

Or if you've previously installed perlbrew by doing cpan App::perlbrew, simply upgrade your Devel::PatchPerl to 0.42.

As of the time this article is written, the latest release of perlbrew is 0.27, the next release of perlbrew will fix this issue.