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Copy & Paste this line into your terminal:

\curl -L | bash

Or, if your system does not have curl but something else:

# Linux
\wget -O - | bash

# FreeBSD
\fetch -o- | sh

If you prefer to install with cpan, there are two steps:

sudo cpan App::perlbrew
perlbrew init

If it is installed with cpan, the perlbrew executable should be installed as /usr/bin/perlbrew or /usr/local/bin/perlbrew. For all users who want to use perlbrew, a prior perlbrew init needs to be executed.

The default perlbrew root directory is ~/perl5/perlbrew, which can be changed by setting PERLBREW_ROOT environment variable before the installation and initialization. For more advanced installation process, please read the perlbrew document.

Install, other ways

If you use Sparrow there is sparrow plugin named perlbrew to install perlbrew. It's poorly tested but proved to be working for Ubuntu/Debian platforms.

If you are using Windows, please take a look at Berrybrew