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Perlbrew Release 0.21

perlbrew 0.21 features these major changes:

perlbrew list command improvements

The output of perlbrew list is slightly improved. A version number is displayed for those installations which cannot be told the version numbers from their names. For example:

> perlbrew list
* perl-5.12.3
  perl-blead (5.14.0)
  /usr/bin/perl (5.10.0)

The version number is acquired from perl -e 'print $]', therefore it does not contain any RC number or git commit sha1.

Website Update mechanism

For those who are interested in publishing contents to, the website is basically semi-automatic synchronized with perlbrew github wiki. One should be able to just edit the wiki content and wait momentarily for the update. Several points to be noticed:

To preview it on your own, do the following:

echo Text::Markdown Text::Xslate IO::All | cpanm
git clone git://
open public/YOUR-PAGE-NAME.html

The command make should pull the latest wiki content and start generating HTML files from there. HTML files are generated under public/ with matching file names, except the .md extension is replaced with .html. For example, these two are matching pages:

Notice the homepage is named but not, which is the landing page for Github wiki.