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The Discussion forum of perlbrew project

There has never being a online forum / discussion channel for general questions for perlbrew projects and therefoe such needs are dispatched to... everywhere.

From time to time, people also use GitHub issue as the channel for Q and A... because it seems feasible. I also don't mind having general discussions via that interface becaues... well, I'm not really the everything-has-to-be-tidy-up kind of guy.

That said.. a while ago I've discovered the "Discussions" feature is added to GitHub and enabled it for the repo "gugod/App-perlbrew":


So... now there is only more place for general questions to go. Interface-wise it seems to be identila to GitHub issues. Since it is essentially free (it does not cost me extra mony to enable such feature) I'll just leave it on.

Feel free to just drop by and share how perlbrew is useful o you (or how it isn't -- that's cool too.)