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perlbrew is an admin-free perl installation management tool. The latest version is 0.98, read the release note: Release 0.98.

For a quick installation, do this:

\curl -L | bash

Check the document of Installation for more descriptions and options.


After installing perlbrew itself, now it is time to install some versions of perl

To install the latest stable release, and use it as default in the current shell and in all future shell sessions.

perlbrew install perl-5.36.1
perlbrew switch perl-5.36.1

To play with the bleeding-edge version, but only in the current shell:

perlbrew install perl-blead
perlbrew use perl-blead

Runs against all installations of perl, especially helpful when running tests:

perlbrew exec perl

For basic usage cheatsheet:

perlbrew -h

For more descriptions about commands,

perlbrew help

What is perlbrew

perlbrew is a tool to manage multiple perl installations in your $HOME directory (or wherever you specify). They are completely isolated perl universes, and has no relationship with system perl, or between each others.

This approach has many benefits:

You may optionally chose alternative places for installation, or even let multiple uses share the whole perlbrew environment.


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perlbrew has always been improving, it is an open source project for everyone to participate. There are currently over 145 contributors and growing. The code repository is located on github. Feel free to send a bug report, a pull request, or a beer. Everything helps :)